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One Response to "Final Test – Inception"

  1. Hristo says:



    Ana Gabriela Concha Regatto_BATUCADA – perfect singback !!!!!! not the voices
    Andres Roberto Roman Aguilar_batucada good voices, bad signback, instruments are like behind, especially drums and guitar
    Carlos David Mariduena Bodero_batucada – too loud back vocal, good wingback
    Christian Andres Ramos Urquizo_batucada – concert for snare, hi hat, perch and another things,,,,
    Diana Stephania Coello Suarez_batucada – WHERE ARE THE VOICES@@@???
    Diego Fabrizzio Rivera Campi_batucada – too much hi mids in drums and piano
    Joel Ricardo Collahuazo Vaca_batucada – too much mud in the mix, sub low fas
    Marco Tulio Zambrano Paladines_Batucada – wrong project sample rate
    Maria Mercedes Baque Leon_batucada – wrong balance , no trumpet
    Mario Gabriel Villavicencio Gonzalez_batucada – very good mix, but why the click is here???
    Ronny David Valdivieso Mato_batucada – THE CLICK!!!! to low voices, too much drums

    paralel 1
    Gary Xavier Guzman Quezada_Batucada – Very weak wingback and loud vocals! bad balance!
    Jessica Carolina Gende Baque_batucada – the same with good drums and vocals and without accompaniment
    Luis Alberto Luzon Chiriguayo_batucada – good bass!!! low vocal and VERY loud hihat1!!
    Maria Teresa Mendoza Holmes_BATUCADA – VERY MUCH REVERB!!!!!! WHY???
    Mayra Alejandra Castillo Vareles_Batucada – too much delay on the guitar.. much mid-frequencies on the comp, maybe eq on the group. Otherwise good job, good groove. Congratulations!

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