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Evaluation – Affinitone commercial for ESPOL sound design

Affinitone commercial folder

What is the work you have to do?


Inside the folder you have:

  • one video file – mp4,

  • one document – a docx file. In it you can see the script and the order of the VO takes.

  • and 2 folders – one with 3 audio files – the original music and VO, and one with the VO takes.


  1. import the audio

  2. import the video – with  the embedded audio.

  3. synchronize them. You have to cut the pause in the music, VOX and naration and sync them with the video to the first frame of the video

  4. choose the takes of the voice. I want minimum 4 different takes to participate in the final edit of the VO! Works with no editing of the voice from different takes WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED !

  5. process the voice

  6. See the final 7 second tag with the spanish text. Record it with the internal mic of the computer, process it and put it on the end of the clip. Put music below.

  7. make a mix

  8. master the output

  9. make a final render


I will be at room 301 for a help if needed….. and you will need help 🙂 Don’t wait till friday because the home work is difficult!

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4 Responses to "Evaluation – Affinitone commercial for ESPOL sound design"

  1. carolina gende says:

    the time is since 0:16 until 2:47
    I found someone who speaks German

    Thanks mister 🙂

  2. Ver?nica Cantos says: 0:33-1:59 eternal sunshine

  3. Ver?nica Cantos says:
    32:00-35:05 or
    1:03:25 —1:05:43
    49:30— 50:47

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