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This is for learning and homework of  the students in the UESS university

========================================================================The first homework in audio

Learning how to use reverbs.

Please download the tracks and make the homework.


The presentation for the equalization :


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  1. Pedro says:

    hello sir
    is Pedro from audio 3
    the tracks for “Mio Mundo” are not in the website

    Best regards

    Pedro Andrade

    1. Hristo says:

      Why you didn’t download on a pen drive the project in the class?
      We decided with the students, that the files are too big to transfer them from internet and all of them downloaded the files from my computer in the class.
      If you want, you can download them from the another students, call them.
      Hristo Karagiozov, PhD

  2. Anthony says:

    Hello Hristo
    The torrent is going to last 4 hours to finish.
    I’ll be late to your class.
    I hope the torren works….

    Anthony Ayora

    1. Hristo says:

      We’ll see 🙂

  3. Pedro says:

    Hello sir.
    Is Pedro, from audio 3 class.
    Im having some trouble with the folder that i recieved after downloading
    the tracks.
    When i put the password, it opens it with windows media player and it doesn’t reproduce, also it doesn’t allow to put it on ableton. Do you know why?

    Best regards

    Pedro Andrade.

    1. Hristo says:

      Maybe there is a problem with the downloaded tracks.
      Are they downloaded completely? If they are not, the file shouldn’t extract.
      If you have files already, you should can put them into the ableton.
      Tomorrow I can give you the tracks on a pen drive and we will see what happens.
      If the Ableton is on a laptop, bring it please.


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