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Final Test – Theory

Here are the questions:


  1. Sound. Characteristics of sound

  2. Timbre. Definition. What forms the timbre of the sound

  3. Microphones. Types. Specifications.

  4. Analog and digital recording and reproduction.

  5. Equalization. Filters. Types of equalizers.

  6. Dynamic processors. Types. Most important controls in the typical dynamic processor.

  7. Reverberation. Delay.

  8. What is latency? Where it comes from? How can we avoid it?

  9. Phase characteristics of the sound. Phase and polarity.

  10. Reflection of sound. Usage of reflectors in recording and postproduciton rooms and in halls

  11. Refraction. Law of Snellius. Refraction in light and sound. Full internal reflection.

  12. Doppler effect. Calculation of the initial or perceived frequency.

  13. Superposition of sound. Interference. Standing waves.

  14. Free and forced vibrations. Resonance.

  15. Difraction of sound.

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